Welcom to the Organic Residue Data bases (OR-DB) of the french observatory devoted to the study of OR recycling, the SOERE PRO (Long term field experiment network for research).

The SOERE PRO is a network of long-term field experiments dedicated to the quantification of all effects of organic residue (OR) application in agriculture. It has been created in 2011 to evaluate benefits and risks associated to organic residue recycling in agriculture. The field experiment network has been certified as SOERE (i.e. observatory) by ALLENVI in 2011 and 2015. Since 2013, it is a part of the ANAEE-France structure
Data management is centralized at the SOERE PRO level with the development of the OR-DB (i.e. web interfaces and data bases) for field experiment data, metadata (e.g. environmental context, field experiment design) and for traceability information concerning samples. In addition to the data of the SOERE PRO network, the data bases are also devoted to store experimental data coming from professional partners and analytical data of organic wastes applied in the French territory.The OR-DB has been developed by the INRA teams ECOSYS and ECOINFORMATIQUE, in collaboration with the SOERE PRO site management teams (CIRAD, INRA) and with concerned professional partners (Arvalis, LDAR, IFV, ITAB).

How to access data ?

See what data are currently available in the database.

The information system contains data that are freely available and accessible data after validation of a specific request from the responsible scientist. In all cases, you must login before you can query the database and retrieve data for your needs.

Access and use of the OR-DB data

Access to and use of data from PRO (Residual Organic Product) are governed by terms of use that you will have to accept to get an account on the information system.
You can find all the features of IS in this manual.


The OR-DB team thanks the project partners for their availability and the other professional partners for their expertise on the metadata lists (INRA Narbonne, INRA LAS, INRA USRAVE, INRA ISPA, SMRA 68, Instituts élevage, IFIP, ITAVI). The team also thanks the OR-DB computer engineer and ANAEE-France.

For more informations about the SOERE :

See the Valor PRO website, a website and a scientific paper surveillance devoted to the OR studies Valor PRO